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Non-Guided Fishing

See why experienced veterans choose Big Hole C4 Lodge!

Montana's best Fly Fishing without leaving the Ranch!



More fishing, and less driving

The Big Hole River surrounds our property, with two challenging spring creeks meandering through the middle. You never have to leave the ranch to have access to great trout fishing. Less than ten minutes away, you have access to the Beaverhead, Ruby and Jefferson Rivers 

Access to our private waters

As a non-guided guest you will have access to our vast private water, including our newly reconditioned Schoolhouse Slew with over 5200 feet of great fishing. The challenge isn't finding the fish, it's choosing among the vast variety of waters that are part the Big Hole C4 Lodge.

Access to our amazing menu

As a lodge guest you will always receive a superb breakfast, a sack lunch to take with, and a wonderful portion of 100% Montana raised Angus beef for dinner. We understand the need to fish the evening hatch, so dinner is scheduled accordingly.

Suggestions for getting around town

Rental Cars are highly recommended for this package, and having your own vehicle will give you more freedom to truly customize your Montana experience. Local Fly shops have drift boats or Rafts available for daily or weekly rental.

"While not having been a 'fly fisherman' in the past, you have ensured that Fishing will now be a distinct part of my future"