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Welcome to the Big Hole C4 Lodge!


Experience our private waters and expert guides


The Water

The Big Hole

  • Our lodge is lucky to have access to the most secluded part of The Big Hole River.
  • Located downstream of Pennington Bridge, it is extremely uncommon to see another angler while fishing our property.
  • Due to the lack of angling pressure, large trout often make this section of water their home.
  • We grew up on this river, know it well, and have a special place in our hearts for it.

The Beaverhead

  • The Beaverhead River holds the highest concentration of large rainbow and brown trout in Southwest Montana per mile.
  • The average fish is 16”; 3,800 fish per mile; one fish of four pounds or better for every twenty feet of bank.
  • Holds an abundance of healthy fish.
  • Our outfitter, Dan "Rooster" Leavens, is an expert on the Beaverhead River and will make your fly fishing adventure very successful.

The Ruby

  • The Ruby River is divided into two sections, upper and lower; otherwise known as above the Ruby Reservoir and below it.
  • The Ruby River is a special smaller tail water fishery. Running mostly through private land, access is limited to public access points.
  • The upper Ruby River is a crowned jewel that holds an unbelievable variety of fish including Grayling, Rainbow, Eastern Brooke, Western Cutthroat, and Brown Trout.
  • These fish love to eat dry flies and are often caught in large numbers.

The Big Hole Lodge Spring Creeks:

  • There are two creeks that meander through the ranch: Schoolhouse and Owsley Sloughs. The average fish in our spring creeks is about sixteen inches long.
  • Owsley Slough, which averages 75 cfs, is a gorgeous but technical spring creek. It traverses the ranch for nearly a mile and holds a large population of wild brown and rainbow trout.
  • Schoolhouse Slough, which is somewhat smaller, can be phenomenal. We recently added nearly 5,200 linear feet and have completely reconstructed it.
  • Nestled in the back yard of the lodge is a guests' pond loaded with large rainbow and brown trout.
  • These special creeks are fished by lodge guests only.
Large Trout

Your Guide

We Know These Waters...and These Fish!

Dan "Rooster" Leavens

Rooster is on the pro staffs of Simms, Scott Flyrods, Hatch Reels, Clackacraft Drift Boats and Mossy Oak Camo. An ex-USCG rescue swimmer, he’s rebuilt diesel engines, called in bull elk, and knows how to grill a mean “cowboy coffee” steak. Those that know him are certainly aware of his belief that there is plenty of room in Montana for all of God's creatures – right next to the mashed potatoes. All that said, he tends to specialize in fishing where "there aint nobody". Between Montana Trout, Washington and Alaska Steelhead he spends over 250 days a year on the water. When he is asked how The Stonefly is so successful year after year, he promptly blames it on his crew.Most importantly, he knows how to listen, communicate, and he’ll remember your name on a handshake.


Nancy and I treasure our time at the Big Hole C4 Lodge and look forward to visiting you in the future.